Our Philosophy

Be a proud franchisee of WONDER KIDZ “The Concept School”

By foraying into the education sector through the Pre-school business, you could tap into one of the most lucrative opportunities which won’t just assure growth and success but will earn your immense respect and personal satisfaction. With increased awareness amongst young parents and highly augmented consumerism, Indians are progressively investing in better & branded education for their little ones.

Our philosophy of education has always been meeting the needs of the individual child. Children acquire skills and knowledge easily if they can make the surroundings stimulating and purposeful.

WONDER KIDZ “The Concept School” Is a school that provides structural learning programmed based on a child’s individual needs through age-appropriate learning activities. We honestly adhere to the belief that early childhood should be a period for the child to indulge in the maximum number of recreational and pleasurable activities. However, in today’s extremely competitive scenario these very precious years need guidance in terms of letting the child develop a perception towards learning/reasoning and inculcate basic behavioral skills.

We believe that discipline should be instilled among children when they are very young and they are able to soak it up much easily as it becomes a part of their growing up. In order to achieve this, we follow a school uniform across all our branches. This develops a sense of fairness among the students and helps to curb any sub-conscious orientation towards discriminating against each other. This example underlines our curriculum’s comprehensive approach that encourages the emotional development of the child besides academic success.

Our School provides a structured learning program based on a child’s individual needs through age-appropriate learning activities.

It is a school where every wonder kid experiences the love and worth of well – a trained teacher who firmly believes, that every child is special. We offer your child a completely safe and secure environment that promotes independent and meaningful play, social interaction, and more importantly, a love for learning. We believe, children’s learning occurs and is enhanced through their interactions with people, time, space, and resources, and how they learn best is through play, which is children’s work. Playing is a natural, self-motivated, and highly complex activity that children enjoy, and when they are having fun doing and experiencing, these learning experiences become more meaningful to them and their peers.