Learning is the acquiring of new knowledge, behavior, skills, values, or preferences. It involves the processing of different types of information which is done at Wonder Kidz with the use of different learning styles


Our Playgroup program is dedicatedly based upon nurturing a child’s basic teaching needs through ORALS. We prefer to train them with basic necessities like sharing habits, eating habits, toilet training. We conduct age-appropriate activities and teaching. Children listen and enjoy rhythmic patterns in rhymes and stories. The objective is to create a love for learning.


The wonderful playschool memories begin in our classrooms. Where in the nursery, we start by creating informal learning experiences that generate a positive foundation for preschool. At this age, the child loves to explore. They identify action words and one is also able to make more. We have various activities to support our modern preschool curriculum including art and craft and the wonderful concept rooms.


This level concentrates on utilizing child’s curiosity and improves their social skills and social manners. All of our programs offer an appropriate curriculum and each level builds on the previous one.  Their fine and gross skill development and are ready to draw lines, patterns, and figures like circles.


Our UKG program encourages children to learn and question, it also encourages children to develop a sense of responsibility and memory development. In addition to regular classroom activities and outdoor play, the children learn a strong base of CBSE Concepts. Children give attention to what others say and enjoy stories, asking questions at the relevant time. This builds up vocabulary helps them to use it in different play situations.


Wonder Kidz “The Concept School” Daycare will provide a stimulating and safe environment for children ages three months to ten years. Wonder Kidz Daycare will be the fun, affordable alternative daycare with the best quality you can find in town. We seek to stimulate and develop children’s problem-solving and reactive thinking skills through staff and child-directed activities in our daily agenda. The Centre provides specialized care and supervision for infants and toddlers during the daytime so that their parents can fulfill their responsibilities without worrying about their kids. We strive to provide a safe, secure, and creative environment for children where they feel relaxed, confident, and happy along with constant informal learning.


A supplementary educational program carefully engineered to meet modern student needs. The program comprises 4 levels. Our activity club helps you utilize your school premises during the day & evenings through our various educational modules and other services and help you earn an additional annual income of about Rs. 4 lacs approx.