Chairman Desk

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our Wonder Kidz family and we intend to make your transition into this business as smooth as possible. What a privilege it is to acknowledge, show appreciation, to express thanks. We look back at the year that was and from our reflections, bring greater experience and learning to bear on the work of the year ahead. We are grateful to you who so warmly embrace the ideals of the WONDER KIDZ “The Concept School” and who daily Endeavour to be true to achieving those ideals and learning about education.

Kids up to the age group of 6 have the maximum “absorbing” capacity and hence Wonder Kidz was founded with a clear intention of being the best in the field of early childhood education. The foundation is a direct response to India’s requirement for high-quality pre-schooling facilities. We all acknowledge that children are our hope for the future and that’s why at Wonder Kidz every aspect is designed to stimulate, guide, and encourage the child’s cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and creative development.

The entire team of Wonder Kidz has the passion to put effort each day to make it a warm, receptive, advanced learning, and caring platform for children.

Our Simple philosophy is that learning is the most effective when “fun” becomes the ‘Creative Pedagogy’ and to provide an international standard of education and learning system to each child of India at a very economical cost. Quality policy-we are committed with our franchisees and parents to provide quality services on an economical budget.

Wonder Kidz “The Concept School” wishes the best of Educating.

Dr.B.M Malviya