Awesome & Beneficial Reason, Why this Business Proposal is unique


  • Play School concept is in successful existence globally for nearly 100 years.
  • Children are encouraged to explore, learn, collaborate, & help each other and are allowed to develop at their own pace.
  • Play school helps in refining the senses by using didactic material and emphasized learning through all five senses.
  • Multi-sensory materials (equipment) are used extensively for physical exploration / development & self-teaching.
  • Teacher’s role is unobtrusive and is directed towards creating an environment which is helpful for the development of the child’s unique capabilities.
  • Organized program for learning care of self and self-care of environment.
  • Teacher acts as a facilitator whereas the child is the master of the class
  • Benefits of Wonder play school methodology are refined further into a blended curriculum to give extra edge to students to meet the aspirations of traditional educational system in this scenario.



Our curriculum team is packed with real world concrete, sensory experience where the young learner can touch, see, taste, hear and smell there by striking an interesting balance between learning and playing.

Ensure that children learn as effectively and efficiently as possible in caring and friendly environment in which to develop our pupil’s cultural awareness, emotional understanding and intellect physical and social skill. Our play school program is based on self directed non competitive activities. Besides this personality development is also a part of the academics which start right from childhood by developing self – esteem and confidence of each child through a motivating learning environment with wide exposure. The academic assessment is based on competition with one self, not with others by using hands on / interactive learning / multiple intelligence.

Children naturally develop healthy, positive self image and greet challenges with confidence and optimism.

Quality Control:- Annual Quality Assurance visits to maintain school performance, and regular quality control Audits.

Business Opportunity – Franchising Facts

  • Unlock & explore the immense potential in the education industry in India!
  • Education is second biggest expenditure of middle class household
  • Low investment, high returns – Proven business model that has delivered a brilliant ROI for all our franchisees
  • Ensures steady income without being affected by the ups & downs of the market
  • Assured success based on proven business model.