Why WONDER KIDZ is the best preschool in India for your child?

It is very important to find the best preschool for your child. Between 2 and 6 years of age, children are curious, eager to learn, assimilate information rapidly, and express interest and wonder in each new discovery. These qualities make them prime candidates for education, although most are not ready for structured primary or elementary education. A preschool ensures that these developmentally critical years are utilized for the child’s benefit. Now you can understand why it is essential to find the best preschool for your kid.

After knowing the necessity, let’s talk about why WONDER KIDZ is the best preschool in India for your child.

  1. Concept-based learning: – Wonder Kidz “The Concept School” provides a structured learning program based on a child’s individual needs through age-appropriate learning activities. At Wonder Kidz, the child benefits from a learning environment that promotes the continuous development of their social, cognitive, emotional, physical, and creative strengths. Children are offered a range of opportunities to explore values, broaden communication skills, solve group problems, develop ideas and explore information.
  2. Conducive Learning Environment: – We offer a supportive prekindergarten learning environment that promotes the development of critical thinking skills, fosters awareness of diversity and multiculturalism, and supports learning. The child’s development in each domain, e.g., language, social, physical, cognitive, and social-emotional, is supported, sustained, extended, and enhanced primarily through activities that promote purposeful play within this environment.
  3. Curriculum: – Nursery and Montessori Education through play and activity methods based on CBSE and ICSE Syllabus. The curriculum is mapped according to age and developmentally appropriate outcomes that are designed to help a child start by discovering themselves through their school environment and eventually the world. Our approach to language learning focuses on the “form” of the letters (how letters are made/recognize letters) and their “function” (letters, words, and pictures are a powerful way to express and communicate). To know more about our curriculum, (click here).
  4. Teacher-child ratio: – 1:20 is the teacher-child ratio for playgroup, nursery, Wonder LKG & Wonder UKG Classes.
  5. Qualified and intensively trained staff: – Preschool teaching is not just about fun and games. At Wonder Kidz, a lot of care is taken to ensure that we recruit qualified and well-trained teachers to groom your precious little one. In the first place, we follow strict selection criteria under which we handpick qualified teachers who fulfill one basic criterion: love for children.
  6. Intensive Training Program: – Once selected, our teachers go through an intensive training program. They are given training in child psychology as well as an understanding of how children grow, develop and learn and how to apply these principles practically in surrounding  environment.
  7. Safe and Hygienic environment: – Wonder Kidz is a child-friendly place with a safe and hygienic environment, a colorful ambiance, and age-appropriate teaching and learning aids. The infrastructure is selected considering the needs of our young ones at Wonder Kidz and is accompanied by the assorted teaching and learning aids that aim towards the holistic development of every child.
  8. Our Achievements: – The Company has been bestowed with many awards and achievements, including the “Special Education Award,” “Best Preschool Chain in India,” “Fastest Growing Preschool Chain in Central India,” “Best Innovative & Quality Education Preschool Chain in India,” and many more. To see some more achievements, (click here).

About Us

Wonder Kidz “The Concept School” is an ISO 9001:2008 certified international preschool chain based on an innovative concept by LIMCA and a Guinness World Record Holder with a presence all over India with 250+ franchisees. Wonder Kidz is the best preschool chain in India.

After reading these 8 reasons which make WONDER KIDZ the best preschool in India for your child, you might be interested in sending your kid to WONDER KIDZ preschool or would like more information. Then please (click here) or call or WhatsApp at +91 6262332244.

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