Story Telling Session

Storytelling is an important piece of the literacy puzzle. Of all the benefits of encouraging your children to weave & narrate the stories. Stories can also make shy children comfortable in new surroundings and improve self-esteem. Stories are used to teach values, explain complex themes and simply have fun. All the stories are informative to children, as being new to the world; they may know very little things about the life in the world. Stories help kids to visualize the plot and characters.

Our teachers focus on the idea that their children may be active listeners. They may easily understand stories the emotions depicted in the story. It teaches the children to be creative and make them dynamic thoughts and action.

Benefits of Storytelling

When we tell children first story, there is a magical moment. The children sit enthralled, mouths open, eyes wide. If that isn’t enough reason, then we consider that storytelling as:


  • Is enjoyed by children of all classes.
  • It even raises the enthusiasm & curiosity within children to find stories and even reading them.
  • Improves listening skills.
  • Gives a motivating reason for English-language beginner to speak and write English.
  • As improving basic literacy levels our priority, storytelling is used to quickly raise standards while developing skills, knowledge and confidence in a range of other areas.
  • WE try to increase the memory capacity of children by asking them to remember the stories that have already read for them or asking them to remember where you stopped the previous day.
  • Always demand kids to share their contribution in the stories. Ask them to narrate a possible climax or encourage them to create a new story with the same characters in a story.