Sorting & Matching

Sorting and Matching Colours is simple to set up and will arouse any child’s curiosity to play and have fun.

Sorting and grouping things together is an important cognitive skill. It teaches your toddler to notice similarities and differences, learn to categorize, and develops early literacy and numeracy skills.

Matching is an important early childhood skill that helps in classification of objects. Matching is identification of same or similar objects based on their common properties. Children match objects that have the same characteristics and this skill keeps recurring throughout schooling life in various forms. Important early matching skills that a young child needs to develop are:

  1. Matching by Shape
  2. Matching by Size
  3. Matching by Colour


Once a child is matching more than two objects it means they are sorting. Sorting involves separating objects into groups according to their similarities, which means they are also noticing differences.

Like matching, sorting too is an important early childhood mathematical skill. Like matching, sorting too is a classification skill. From an early childhood perspective, the basic sorting skills that a child needs to develop are:

  1. Sorting by Colour
  2. Sorting by Size
  3. Sorting by Shape


Classifying and sorting activities help children to develop a range of thinking skills and build the foundations for later problem-solving. Learning to categorize and classify sorting and matching things helps develop visual perceptual skills, thinking and memory skills which remain embedded within child throughout life.