How To Develop Healthy Relations With Pre-Schooler’s

In early childhood settings, each moment that teachers and children interact with one another is an opportunity to develop healthy relationships.

Teachers can use a variety of strategies to build healthy relationships with children. Pre -school teacher’s habit of listening to children, making eye contact with them, and engaging in many one-to-one, face-to-face interactions with young children promote secure teacher-child relationships. While talking to children they should use pleasant, calm voices and simple language. Kids should be greeted warmly when they arrive in the classroom with their parents. This definitely establishes secure relationships between teachers and children.

It is important for teachers to use methods which may focus on children’s differing needs, interests, styles, and abilities. Teachers   need to gain confidence of children that they care about them through warm and responsive behavior. Even physical contacts such as giving pats on the back, hugging, and holding young children in their laps can also help to develop positive relationships. For preschool children, teachers must encourage mutual respect between children and adults by waiting until children finish asking questions before answering them, and by encouraging children to listen when others speak. A little effort from teacher’s end can pay in the longer run by making a child ready for his future.


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