Globalization in the context of education can be defined as ‘the process in which particular ideas, images and practices of teaching, learning and schooling are brought about, mutually interact and influence national educational systems’ Globalization in context to preschool focuses on Ideas on what childhood and children are and how young children should be cared for and educated have long been shared between countries.

The National Education Policy (NEP) is erected on the foundational pillars of ‘Access, Equity, Quality, Affordability and Accountability’. It aims that preschool education should be more holistic, flexible and multidisciplinary.

Parents generally feel that children are judged on the basis of a subject in which they have no interest.. At Wonder kidz -Education is an attempt to transform both the intent and the content. It focuses on learning, research and innovation according to age group.

We believe that learning is a continuous process. A child throughout his life keeps learning, questioning and doing because when you learn, you will question. When you ask, you will do something and it will reveal some new things. Learning is a boon, which gives work throughout life. Knowledge does not work for more days than just memorizing it.

Globalization generates   new inputs for education. The global-to-local concept focuses on meeting global expectations for quality education and finding culturally located solutions to local problems, but about developing a multi-directional and dynamic relationship between the two. Our main purpose at preschool is that every project/activity involves working with the idea of ​​product innovation culture and problem solving.

Recent researches indicate that learners are both capable of and eager to engage in discussions about environmental study issues in early childhood classrooms with local and global significance.


Connecting children with community partners like museum, park, and libraries may help in increasing students awareness and engagement with societal issues both locally and globally .In brief we can say-   Community partnership empower children as scientists and citizens.